Original Artwork by Rebecca Hillwig


Each piece is carefully crafted by hand; no two pieces are identical.  That is the beauty and richness of handmade original jewelry.  Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image.  If you see something you wish to have, feel free to contact me from the “Contact” page.  Some pieces may have been sold by the time you get in touch with me; but, I can create something similar and uniquely your own, or you can design your next jewelry with me!  So, go ahead and begin your treasure hunt for your “one of a kind” jewelry in the whole wide world!

*Prices for jewelry: earrings – $8 to $22 / necklaces – $18 to $49 / bracelets – $8 to $28 / hair clips & pins – $3 to $8

**When you contact me about a particular piece of jewelry, please refer to the item number shown at the lower left-hand side by clicking on the thumbnail to enlarge.  This is not the entirety of my on-going collection; I always welcome your suggestion how casual or difficult it might be!   Thanks!     

Previously items sold 

 Last updated on 8/1/16