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Where have I been?

JE82SONY DSCThis past year has been a tough one for me. I lost a brother, my elderly parents have been dealing with serious health issues, and I, like many of you, have been trying to learn how to deal with everything. My family is always first in my life so as a result, my business suffers.

The people I have met while making a go of this endeavor have been thoughtful, friendly and kind, so I know that you will all be patient with me as I get back into the swing of things, and am hopefully able to focus more on my craft.

There are many items to choose from in my gallery, and keeping prices reasonable for you or your loved ones to own something specially handmade is my ultimate goal. If you see something you really like, let me know and I will make it yours. Until I am able to set up a cart on my site I am always available for your orders, so email or call me and I will ensure your items reach you when you want them.

My mother, who has always been my mentor and my artistic inspiration, and the person who instilled in me my work ethic and my honesty, is my guarantee that I will always do the best I can for everyone. I will ensure that whatever I sell comes with “her” seal of approval, and “her” guarantee, that if you are not satisfied, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the items sold.

Look around, come back often, and be sure to check out my events near you.

All my best, Rebecca
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Make a statement with a gift from CVA

I, like you, prefer to give gifts from the heart. Whether from my heart or another artist who loves what they do, the passion one feels when creating each piece, passes from the creator, to the giver, and on to the recipient. The love and care involved in creating each piece is the energy that speaks to you as you see and touch it.

As I experiment with my artwork I am always looking for new ways to showcase my watercolors and jewelry designs. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to incorporate my watercolors into tiles and coasters, and I hope soon to add my favorite images to my jewelry collection. By giving my watercolors SONY DSCa new dimension, they can be enjoyed in many different ways…beyond the matt and frame.

Creativity gives me joy, joy that can be felt and passed onto others with the hope that each of you feels this same emotion with each purchase. When you take your piece home, or give it as a gift, you are taking with you a part of my life.

Please take some time to look around, come back often, and be sure to visit me at an event near you.




Joy of Spring

395Spring break, whale tales and beautiful creations.

What better place to be for spring break than at the beach during whale watch week. Hopefully the weather will be picture perfect, but if not, you can always spend quality time at the 45th Annual Yachats Arts and Crafts Fair March 21 and 22. I’ll be there, so why not join me.

I have new creations to show you, and as always my timeless grape cluster jewelry which has been a crowd favorite since my mom created the design. In addition I will have watercolor prints and framed and unframed tiles featuring my watercolors. New for 2015 are my watercolor print coasters. Not enough wall space? No problem, take a tile or some coasters home to create functional table or kitchen art for you and your visitors to enjoy.

I’ve been doing this show for several years and I’m always amazed at the quality of the arts, crafts, jewelry, food and children’s gifts. So don’t spend your spring break around the house. Come visit the coast and look for that elusive whale or that perfect treasure!

Arrivederci (“until we meet again”)


Wine Your Way to Savings

thanksgiving 2014 blog imageThanksgiving is a time for sharing the bounty of the harvest with those you love and those you share a meal with. I know when I celebrate the feast of the harvest with my family the bounty is appreciated by all.  Family, food and togetherness is what Thanksgiving is about. There are no worries this time of year, except to ensure the meal gets done on time and that your guests leave full and content. What a wonderful celebration!

To celebrate with you, I have teamed up with Debbie, the tasting room manager at Claar Cellars winery in Zillah for a Black Friday weekend bottle and artware discount. The more wine you buy, the deeper the discount on all I have to offer; art, women and children’s jewelry, tiles, coasters and more. On top of a 10% discount I will be offering, you will receive an additional 3% discount for every bottle of Claar wine you purchase over the weekend. The more bottles you buy, the more you can wine your way to savings. For example; buy 5 bottles of Claar wine and get 25% off a Columbia Valley Artware purchase. Buy a case of wine and get a 46% discount.  What a great way to shop and save for the holidays while enjoying great wine and Thanksgiving treats at the same time in one place. Why shop any other way!

So Come by and say hi, celebrate the bounty of the season with Debbie and I in the Claar Cellars‘ tasting room, and have a great time to boot. You won’t find a friendlier place to be over the holiday weekend!


Catch the Crush

October!  Catch the Crush, harvest festivals, Halloween, spooks, goblins and fall bounty. I love it.06 110810 autumn color of the day-UL

In keeping with the spirit of a long Indian summer and the bounties of fall, I am personally inviting all of you to the Yakima Valley this weekend for one of my personal wine country favorite events, “Catch the Crush”.

I will be on hand at Claar Cellars in Zillah, pouring wine with my sister and selling my signature grape cluster jewelry, watercolors and tiles. I will have other handmade jewelry for you to choose from if you’d rather drink your grapes than wear them! So please come by and celebrate the harvest with me and my family.

I will offer 10% off on all of my items for sale, and 20%, if you buy a bottle of wine!

So get in your car, saddle your horse, come by bike, or mosey on over to the tasting room for some of the best wine and company you will find in the valley and beyond. Why go all the way to Walla Walla or Prosser when you can be pampered and entertained right in little ole Zillah.

Take care everyone and be safe in your travels no matter how far you may be traveling.