Original Artwork by Rebecca Hillwig

Make a statement with a gift from CVA

I, like you, prefer to give gifts from the heart. Whether from my heart or another artist who loves what they do, the passion one feels when creating each piece, passes from the creator, to the giver, and on to the recipient. The love and care involved in creating each piece is the energy that speaks to you as you see and touch it.

As I experiment with my artwork I am always looking for new ways to showcase my watercolors and jewelry designs. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to incorporate my watercolors into tiles and coasters, and I hope soon to add my favorite images to my jewelry collection. By giving my watercolors SONY DSCa new dimension, they can be enjoyed in many different ways…beyond the matt and frame.

Creativity gives me joy, joy that can be felt and passed onto others with the hope that each of you feels this same emotion with each purchase. When you take your piece home, or give it as a gift, you are taking with you a part of my life.

Please take some time to look around, come back often, and be sure to visit me at an event near you.




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