Original Artwork by Rebecca Hillwig

Why buy from me

or anyone else who is small?

You are a discerning customer who wants maximum quality out of the dollars you spend.  Sure, you can go to a big box store and save a few dollars, but no matter how cheap, or how good their customer service, you can’t beat having a personal connection with the individual who created the item you bought.  I can share with you the pleasure of your purchase because there is a huge measure of pride in each sale, and validation that “my family and friends” are not the only individuals who appreciate what I do. With the dollars earned for each sale, I can provide a service to you that box stores can’t…my “personal” guarantee that any item you purchase through Columbia Valley Artware will last. If something besides obvious wear and tear goes wrong with your jewelry, like a clasp won’t hold, or the wire broke, or an ear wire came off, or something has become defective, you can send it back to me and I will fix it and return it free of charge. I want you to be able to enjoy your piece of art for many years, and as one customer said…”to pass it on to her daughter as an heirloom”. That was truly one of the highest compliments I could have been paid by a customer.

In my artwork, I have tried to stay true to my connection with the environment by making more sustainable choices, like watercolor paper made from sugar cane and bamboo. Sugar cane imparts into my watercolor prints an almost three-dimensional look that makes some prints look as though, as another customer mentioned, “it had been stitched with thread.” Bamboo paper has a vanilla hue that can make truly interesting and beautiful results when an original print is made. I never know what to expect when I print, which is what makes the one-of-a-kind prints of my originals so unique…and my own experience fulfilling each time I offer you a final product from my hands to yours.

My upcoming event, “Red Wine & Chocolate at Windy Point Vineyards”, mentioned in my previous blog,  is on this weekend; it will give us a perfect opportunity to meet in person.  An old Chinese proverb says “tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  So, stop by and visit with me in one of the most beautiful settings in Yakima Valley.  I would love to get to know you as you me, and help you see my passion and pride so eager to create something very special just for you.

Tutti voi avete una bella giornata  (all of you have a beautiful day!)



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