Original Artwork by Rebecca Hillwig

Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope the start of this new year, the year of the dragon, is full of promise, excitement, and strength of purpose to help you take full advantage of the wonderful things ahead. I myself am hoping this year will bring me more visitors like you, people with an appreciation of art and jewelry…especially mine ;0).

I am working hard to get new items created and added to the site. Christmas was so busy with family and friends, I am just now getting back to normal. I know many of you can relate, as you all work, have families and deal with stressful situations all the time.

I am still waiting to hear from those of you who have great ideas and items you would like to see. You are part of my inspiration.  As much as I stay true to what I love to create, I am inspired by everyone around me on a daily basis.  With you, I come to realize what is beautiful and treasured in ‘our’ lives.

I truly value the interest you have taken, and appreciate the time you have spent out of your busy day to visit my site.   Come back again to find something new and what you missed before!

Take care in this year of new beginnings, and thank you again for your continued support.


Columbia Valley Artware                                                                        

  Please check my Event Schedule!


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