Original Artwork by Rebecca Hillwig

Archive for November, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Another holiday season is approaching and I am thankful for all the visitors to this site.

In addition to some great new earrings and necklaces to be added to my Jewelry page in a day or two, a promo video featuring my art and jewelry is in the works.  I can’t wait to share all of them with all of you!

I also will try to get some time in the very near future to do some more watercolors.  I love to paint.  It is one of the greatest joys in my life.  That’s why I’m so tickled and happy when other people like what I have painted.  It brings me not only a sense of pride but also a feeling of fulfillment that keeps me plodding along.  I do so appreciate all words of encouragement; and I welcome “constructive” criticism to help me grow and mature as an artist. (more…)


A New Beginning – Prelude –

Hello everyone, and welcome!

The website you have entered has been quite a process.  If it were not for my good friend, Kayoko, I would not be talking to you right now, or sharing with you my passion for art and jewelry.  I am very excited to show you my work and hopeful that it will touch a cord in you, that will make you want to share it with me. (more…)